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SYMBI HOMES, LLC is a residential developer that is reinventing single‐family home design and construction with an
emphasis on wellness, energy efficiency, and technology.

Symbi Homes residential homes include air and water filtration, biophilic designs that connect your home to nature, a highly insulated pre‐fabricated shell, certified Net Zero Ready, and ongoing home performance monitoring. View our work below.

The Queen of Zero - Net-Zero Victorian

Net-Zero Victorian

Symbi Homes and The Journal of Light Construction Presents, “The Queen of Zero”, a new high-performance Queen Ann Victorian home in the  National Capitol Region.

Regeneration House before and after

Regeneration House

Symbi Regeneration House transformed a 19th Century Victorian in a historic neighborhood of Hyattsville, MD.

Symbi Duplex One Exterior at Dusk

Duplex One

We are proud to present our Symbi Duplex One demonstration project in Mount Rainier, MD, a side-by-side duplex showcasing our enlightened approach to homebuilding.

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