SYMBI [simm-bee]: Short for symbiosis – a mutually beneficial relationship between people and planet.

Symbi Homes, LLC is a residential developer that is reinventing single-family home design and construction with an emphasis on wellness, energy efficiency, and technology.

Key features of a Symbi Homes development include air and water filtration, biophilic designs that connect your home to nature, a highly insulated pre-fabricated shell, certified Net Zero Ready, and ongoing home performance monitoring.

Building upon the success of three prototypes in VA and MD, SYMBI HOMES is launching a three-year pilot program to complete 20 duplex home transformation projects targeting Sustainable Inner-Suburb Redevelopment (SISR) in the Washington, DC metro area.


“We started with a theory that we could build to a smaller footprint and load up our homes with sustainable features and discovered there’s a huge market for this type of quality and innovation. We have exceeded our own expectations of what can be accomplished with right-sized, eco-conscious homebuilding at a price point similar to conventional construction.”

-Nicole Tysvaer, CEO

Nicole Tysvaer

Dr. Nicole Tysvaer, Ph.D., LEED AP, CEO

25+ years of startup experience in for-profit, government, and nonprofit. VP for Sustainability at Galaxy Homes.

John Linam, AIA, VP of Design

25+ experience in residential design in DC, NC and Japan. Masters of Architecture from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Matt Kulp

Matt Kulp, VP of Production

35+ years in construction. Project management expertise. Building Performance Institute certified. Founder of Galaxy Homes.


Building a Symbi Home

Core design principles of Symbi Homes (graphic pie chart)
Energy Efficiency

The design and construction of SYMBI homes reflect five core sustainability principles:

  1. Health and well-being;
  2. Water and energy efficiency;
  3. Sustainable materials and work processes;
  4. Zero Energy Ready certification standards; and
  5. Home automation and performance monitoring.

These core principles have been identified through research in the sustainability field, SYMBI prototype development, and data regarding homebuyer preferences.

Our design principles ensure that SYMBI homes strike the perfect balance between form and function, building spaces of superior beauty, craftsmanship, and durability, emphasizing wellness, energy efficiency, and technology.

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