Queen of Zero Rainscreen Details

In this article, Nicole shares rainscreen flashing and trim details for our Queen of Zero project. "Exterior rainscreens provide a small (roughly 3/4 inch) air gap between siding finish material and the home’s weather resistant barrier. [...]

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Profiles by Profile: Queen of Zero

Thank you to GE Profile for including Symbi Homes in their “Profiles by Profile” series. In this video, Nicole shares details about Queen of Zero, the importance of sustainable building, and why Symbi Homes loves GE [...]

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A Modern Interpretation of the Victorian Porch

As framing continues at our Queen of Zero 2024 JLC Case Study project in Maryland, the unique architectural details of this Victorian-inspired home are coming to life. Nicole's most recent article highlights one such modification involving the [...]

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Why Aren’t More Homes Built This Way?

In Nicole's most recent article for the Journal of Light Construction, she asks: why aren't more homes built with SIPs? And what will it take for panel construction to go mainstream? At Symbi Homes, we have [...]

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High Performance from the Ground Up

Basement slab insulation for a net-zero home Building a sustainable home aspiring to “net zero” performance, a home that produces as much energy as it consumes each year, begins with a meticulous plan for tightening [...]

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Code-Built vs. Zero Energy Ready

Curious about what it takes to go from conventional new build to Zero Energy Ready? Check out my latest JLC article on our Queen of Zero project (construction has begun!) Thank you to Smita Chandra [...]

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Queen of Zero: A JLC Case Study Home

The goal is to bring back a Queen Anne Victorian home destroyed by fire to a net-zero standard of high performance. Proposed Front (East) Elevation Originally posted at JCL Online How far would you [...]

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