Model ReModel 2022 gets its facelift with a new color palette.

In order to give this 19th-century Victorian a proper facelift, the Symbi Homes team opted to repaint in a new palette

The age of the home required a specific approach to manage lead paint and historical requirements.

Watch Symbi Homes CEO Nicole Tsyvaer explain the process and reveal the home’s new look:

The exterior painting is finally complete. We started with power washing and then we applied our bonding primer. It’s a fantastic product that adhered everything else to the siding.

We purposely didn’t sand it down to the wood because there’s a lot of lead paint in here and we didn’t want to deal with those types of toxins and the costs associated with that kind of remediation.

To be more economical and also to be better for the environment, we kept a lot of the old paint on there and we applied this bonding primer. And then on top of that, we did a first coat of paint.

Then when there were places that didn’t look very smooth. We then did a bit of an exterior spackling type job and sanded that a bit and then applied another coat of paint.