Nicole Tysvaer, Co-owner Symbi Homes and Symbify

This week, my partners and I are officially launching Symbify, our sustainability consulting services for homes. Drawing from our success as green developers with Symbi Homes and many decades as custom builders with Galaxy Homes, this new endeavor aims to help homeowners, architects and contractors bolster the quality, energy efficiency, and resilience of their new home, remodeling and retrofit projects.

Symbify works to apply building science principles with our comprehensive, whole-house approach to sustainability. The process begins with energy auditing and/or energy modeling at the inception of a project and continues with a host of support services through permitting, construction, final punch out and occupancy. Our goals are to maximize the wellness, efficiency and technology aspects of every build and achieve net zero energy production when feasible.

Our work at Symbify demystifies the process of achieving a higher level of quality and responsibility in the building process. Our results provide proof that green building is no longer experimental, nor outrageously expensive.

Kelly Green Energy RatersWe’re excited to be joined by our partner Kelly Green Raters bringing a wealth of expertise in energy diagnostics and testing, green certifications, and home inspections. Together, we hope to serve as catalysts driving the homebuilding industry toward a more sustainable future.

Join us in reinventing residential design and construction in a way that is mutually beneficial for people and planet. For more info, visit