SYMBI HOMES tapped the expertise and support from product specialists at Ferguson Enterprises to provide the light fixtures, appliances, plumbing fixtures, door hardware, and kitchen cabinet hardware for Duplex One.

Duplex One was selected as a high-performance demonstration project by Products Magazine. The process was documented throughout the build.

It wasn’t that long ago when LED lights were extremely expensive and practically non-existent. In 2012, I remember having to forgo LED recessed when building a high-performance home in Chevy Chase, MD, due to the exorbitant costs. And low-flow toilets were literally the butt of jokes among designers and homeowners because of poor quality issues. Needless to say, the sustainable building products industry has come long a way in less than a decade.

And most fortunately, SYMBI Duplex One received support from sponsor Ferguson Enterprises, a one-stop-shop for all of our energy-conserving light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and appliances.

Watch as we work with the product specialist at Ferguson to choose the finishes:

View the selection of interior finishes with Ferguson below:

Read the case study from Products Magazine:

A One-stop Shop of High-quality Products

In partnership with residential developer SYMBI Homes, PRODUCTS recently completed a high-performance demonstration project in Mt. Rainier, Md., a Washington, DC suburb.

The pilot project, a for-sale duplex, showcases a higher level of quality, innovation, and sustainability in home building.

SYMBI builder Nicole Tysvaer tapped the expertise and support from product specialists at Ferguson Enterprises to provide the light fixtures, appliances, plumbing fixtures, door hardware, and kitchen cabinet hardware for duplex. Ferguson’s value-added services for general contractors showcased in the project include:

  • An extremely wide selection of materials at all price points, enabling the builder to meet design, sustainability, and budget goals;

  • A well-stocked showroom and knowledgeable sales specialists, making the process of selecting and purchasing easy and efficient;

  • Logistical support that scheduled deliveries as needed, labeled materials by room, and provided handy reference catalogs of all purchases.

Product Innovation

For SYMBI Duplex One, the builder sought high-quality energy-conserving fixtures, appliances, and hardware with a sleek, modern profile that were technologically advanced and would fit within their moderately priced budget. Many items needed to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards to enable universal design. The builder also needed deliveries within an aggressive timeframe, a challenge complicated by pandemic-related manufacturing delays.

The process began with a visit to the Ferguson showroom in Washington, D.C., one of dozens across the country where customers can put their hands on the latest home building products. Tysvaer worked with a dedicated Inside Builder Sales Specialist to explore a variety of plumbing and lighting fixtures that met her specifications. The same specialist worked alongside design-build for the duration of the project—from selection through purchase, delivery, and punch out.

With one of the largest selections of brands and price points in the industry, Ferguson met all SYMBI’s complex design, budget, and sustainability needs. Products such as Toto’s Watersense toilets with Tornado Flush, the Samsung smart refrigerator with computer interface, and Delta’s Touch2O no hands faucet helped set SYMBI apart from the competition in its market. Ferguson’s one-stop-shopping approach which helped to keep the builder’s selections cohesive, organized, and timely.

A wide variety of kitchen faucets on display at the Ferguson showroom in Washington, DC.


“From the visit to the showroom to placing the orders, we get to put our hands on everything, says Tysvaer. “Logistically, I love when the boxes came, everything had a label on it, and we knew where everything went.”

Ferguson also gave Tysvaer product catalogs for her subcontractors to ensure proper placement in the house. “As a small builder, it’s like having another staff member at Ferguson on your team,” she says. “It makes the process that much easier and so much more seamless.”

Tips from the Builder

  • In preparation for her Ferguson Showroom visit, the builder emailed the architectural plans and renderings so her Inside Builder Sales Specialist was ready to share product suggestions.

  • Begin the process early and be sure to check stock of every item in your order. Delivery times have become especially erratic since the pandemic, and some items such as appliances must be ordered months in advance.